Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What to bring to your tax interview

Make sure you bring the following items to your interview:

Personal Information for each family member:
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Card (SSN) or Individual Tax ID Number (ITIN) card
  • Last Year's Tax Return
  • Valid Driver's License or State ID
  • Proof of Bank routing and account numbers for Direct Deposit any refunds
Income and Tax Information
  • W-2's
  • Interest (1099-INT or substitute)
  • Dividend Slips (1099-DIV or substitute)
  • Stock Sales (1099-B or Broker Statement) - don't forget to bring the receipt detailing what you paid for the stock.
  • Self-Employment Income and Expenses
  • Sale of a Personal Residence
  • Rental Income and Expenses
  • Sale of any Business Assets
  • Gambling or Lottery Winnings (W-2G for some winnings)
  • State Income Tax Refund (1099-G)
  • Pension Income (1099-R)
  • Estimated Taxes Paid
  • Social Security or Railroad Retirement (SSA-1099 or RRB-1099)
  • IRA or 401(k) Distribution (1099-R)
  • Unemployment Compensation (1099-G)
  • Miscellaneous Income (1099-MISC)
  • Medical Expenses
  • Real Estate or Personal Property Taxes
  • Records of state and local estimated taxes paid and prior year balance due payments
  • Mortgage Interest (1098)
  • Charitable Contributions
  • Employee Business Expenses
  • Gambling Losses
  • Moving Expenses
  • Traditional IRA Contributions
  • Higher Education Expenses (1098)
  • Educator Expenses
  • Student Loan Interest (1098)
  • Alimony paid including the social security number of your ex-spouse
  • Car Expenses and Mileage Logs - calculate all of your eligible miles driven using the standard mileage rates. If you have used your car for business, medical purposes, or in service of a charitable organization, then you are eligible to claim those miles on your tax return
Tax Credits:
  • Child Care Provider/Address and Employer Identification Number (EIN) or Social Security Number (SSN) and the amount paid.
  • Adoption Expenses
  • Energy saving enhancements to your personal residence
  • Retirement Savings Contributions
Finally, in order to file taxes electronically on a married-filing-joint return, both spouses must be present to sign the required forms.

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